New Uses for Old Things/Book shelfs

20 Feb

When we’re talking about old things or better said antiques, it does not necessarily mean that it is something that grandma used it way back than, but better yet, something that can be of use for us in today’s modern world, so we’ve  found a report by that shows us six new uses for old things.

2. Book Shelf Display

Scherer could see what others could not, an opportunity to bring to the light his small photographs. For years, he has collected pictures from antique shops and flea markets for a small amount of money beginning from $3.00(this of course been original prints of Civil War soldiers that the price could be up to $600 dollars) As for the type of frames, he took a variety from thrift stores to, yes, Walmart.


Elite Antiques & Books

102 W Main St  Tomball, TX 77375

(281) 255-2919


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